6 Electrifying Reasons Why You Need an Electric Bike in Your Life

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Whilst humanity may not have quite perfected the hoverboard yet, electric bikes are making personal travel that little bit more enjoyable for everyone.

Taking the tried and tested formula of two wheeled peddle power and sprinkling some battery-powered magic on top, electric bikes - or E-bikes if you’re a fan of abbreviations – are now becoming a common site on the streets and cycle lanes of Great Britain.

But their rising popularity hasn’t come easy. E-bikes were as recently as ten years ago considered something of an uncool fad – overpriced, ungainly and simply misunderstood, they’ve had to overcome a bit of an image problem to be truly embraced by the British public.


Like the ugly duckling of fable, electric bikes have undergone something of a radical transformation.

Their once misunderstood appeal and bulky technology has been refined to the point where they’re as practical and user-friendly as their human-powered cousins. So much so, that in 2018, Mintel reported that 5% of all UK adults said they were ‘likely’ to buy an electric bike as opposed to a more traditional peddle cycle.

This popularity doesn’t appear to be a flash in the pan, either. With imports of electric bikes into the UK expected to rise well into 2019 and beyond, plus the added financial and environmental benefits they offer, it looks like the once-ridiculed e-bike is here to stay.

Still not convinced? Well here’s some convincers that might just change your mind…


Yup, one of the biggest and most prominent benefits of an electric bike is that if used regularly instead of your trusty car for those shorter journeys, you’ll have more cash to treat yourself to stuff you really want – as opposed to indulging in a tank of fancy 99-RON premium unleaded… YAWN.


It’s not just the stuff you put in your tank you’ll save on. The less miles you do in your car and the more you do on your bike, the less often you’ll be needing to fork out for those general mileage-related servicing costs.

Even taking short journeys will add wear and tear onto big-value serviceable items of a car, like the brakes and tyres. Plus, if you have mileage restrictions on your car (if it’s leased for example), you’ll avoid any pesky excess-mileage costs.

If you own your own car, you’ll help the resale value by reducing the number of miles you put on the clock. Nice.


One of the biggest perceived negatives of cycling to work everyday is that you’ll leave the house all fresh and clean, ready for the day ahead; only to arrive at the office all sweaty and dishevelled.

Electric bikes solve this problem as they use battery-powered “pedal assist” to take the strain and boost your pedal power. There are also models of electric road bikes with specific boosting technology to help you power up inclines and the steepest of hills. So, you can say goodbye to those sweaty bike journeys and sore thighs - simply enjoy your ride!

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Riding an E-bike can be just as good as regular bikes at improving fitness levels – even with the extra power assistance!

Although cycling with an E-bike is pedal assisted, especially when tackling those troublesome inclines, you’re still getting sustained exercise. In fact, research by the University of Basel in Switzerland found that people started to notice a change in their levels of fitness when using electric bikes in as little as 4-weeks!

If you’ve not been paying too much attention to your own health and wellbeing, investing in an e-bike is a truly effective, low impact and fun way to boost your physical and mental fitness and stay in tip-top condition.


The health of our planet is something everyone should be considering right now; with climate change and global warming presenting a clear and present danger to our way of life.

Electric bikes emit lower pollution per kilometre than motorcycles and cars. If you have a short commute to work every day, an electric bike is the perfect vehicle for commuting. Not only are you generating less pollution than an average petrol or diesel vehicle, you’ll also breathe easier knowing you’re helping improve air quality, too.


The surge in popularity of e-bikes has led to an explosion of models available at retailers and on cycle-to-work schemes. Road bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes… Even mountain bikes have had the hybrid electric treatment!

With the demand for e-bikes looking set to continue, even if there isn't the perfect one out there for you right now, you can be pretty sure that there will be very soon.

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