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10 Essential Principles for Keeping Employees Motivated and Engaged

10 Simple Workplace motivation tips Keeping employees motivated and engaged takes work - there's plenty of commitment and attention required. Employers who really want to get the best out of their people really can't afford to take their eye off the ball.

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How do Zero Hour Contracts Affect Motivation in the Workplace?

Is zero hours good or bad for business? For a long time zero hour contracts have been the subject of a fairly contentious debate. Regardless of this, it is important to ensure that employee’s who are ...

Posted in Positive Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement, Incentive and Recognition

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Commission or Incentives - Mythbusted

What's the difference - and what are they for? When we talk to sales managers about incentives, we often get asked about commission. As the more traditional method of encouraging people to perform at ...

Posted in Incentivising Performance, Incentive and Recognition, Gifts and Rewards, Sales Incentives

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The Top Four Reasons to Offer Employee Benefits

Why a comprehensive employee benefits package helps all aspects of a business Employee benefits are more than just a little add-on for employees - they're an essential part of building a workplace ...

Posted in Employee Benefits and Wellbeing, Employee Benefits, Employee Retention, Childcare Vouchers, Annual Leave, Commuting, Employee Engagement

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