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Ecommerce Trends for 2017

Ecommerce is the future - here's our predictions for 2017 Ecommerce – buying and selling things online – is the future. There’s no arguing about it – it’s just the way we do things now. Even if the high street enjoys a resurgence, ecommerce is never going to go away, and any organisation that fails to embrace it is sure to be left behind.

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What Are Ultra-Low Emission Cars?

Saving the environment while saving money? it can be done! Ultra-low emission cars can help the environment – and they can help you save. Under new rules coming into effect in 2017, a large number of ...

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Are You Following The Law On Staff Wellbeing?

Employer obligations for staff health and wellbeing When it comes to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your staff, providing a comprehensive benefits package or reward scheme can go a long way – ...

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Ten Ways to Improve Your Long Service Award Programme

Workers move on from jobs more than ever, so reward those who stick around We may no longer have a ‘job for life’ but that doesn’t mean that the Long Service Award is dead. Long Service Awards are ...

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Austerity Blues

Is economic uncertainty impacting the wellbeing of your employees? It’s hard to always remain positive about the state of the global economy given the many political changes and shocks that have ...

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Cycling to Work: Tips to Get Your Employees Started

Infographic: Get on your bike! Cycle to work schemes are a really popular employee benefit, helping people to afford a bike for their commute to work – for a much better price than they may be able ...

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Managing Blended Workforces in the Gig Economy

Strike a fair balance for your blended workforce Over the past decade, the way the world goes to work has changed a great deal – and some may say for the worse. A growing number of people are on ...

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Eight Statistics That Define the State of Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism is on the rise The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness tourism as journeys ‘made by tourists who seek to improve or maintain their well-being during or as a result of their ...

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How to Engage and Retain Millennial Employees

...And why cinema is the ultimate experiential reward We’re seeing a monumental shift in the way the large majority of the global workforce perceives, demands and expects to be treated by employers. ...

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Employee Motivation: Is Money the Only Answer?

What motivates more than money? With employee engagement at rock bottom, finding new ways to motivate staff is proving a real headache for many companies. Increase wages? Offer more benefits? More ...

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Four Ways to Better Engage Frontline Employees

Respect and reward your brand ambassadors Making up roughly 80% of the workforce, frontline staff are often the first, or the last and only, face-to-face interaction a customer has with a company. ...

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The Year in Rewards: Planning Your Recognition Strategy for 2017

a New Year Means a new recognition strategy It’s a new year – which means resolutions, changes, and annual targets starting afresh… It’s also a time for mapping out the year ahead – and when it comes ...

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Workplace Trends For 2017

Here's how we think the workplace is set to change this year With the dawn of the new year it’s time for another look ahead to speculate on what we think will be happening over the next twelve ...

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