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Is Salary Sacrifice Still Worth It?

With big changes happening in 2017 and beyond, is it still the best bet? Changes to the way salary sacrifice works will come into effect on Thursday 6th April. With this deadline date fast approaching, what does it mean for employers and employees?

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Promoting Wellbeing Through a Personal Approach

Taking an individual approach People are individuals, but sometimes employers can forget to see them that way. We talk in terms of teams, workforces and staff – collective terms that require a ...

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The Benefits of Revamping the Morning Commute

The morning commute impacts your employees' whole day The dreaded morning commute. Whether it lasts minutes or hours, the stress of the daily commute can take its toll on employees’ moods and ...

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Forget Millennials, because Here Comes Generation Z

Let's talk about the new kids on the block We’ve spent plenty of time thinking about how to handle that most-maligned of employee demographics – the millennials. But their time in the spotlight is ...

Posted in Employee Benefits and Wellbeing, Employee Retention, Employee Engagement

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Staff Rewards for the Easter Bank Holiday

Take advantage of the Easter Break and reward your staff A holiday with an odd position in UK culture, in terms of how strictly it’s observed, Easter is generally seen as a time when it’s acceptable ...

Posted in Incentive and Recognition, Employee Recognition, Gifts and Rewards

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ROI + VOI: the Winning Combination for Recognition

ROI is king, but the Value of investment is just as important In today’s competitive workplace, motivating employees and encouraging desired behaviours to improve results is vital to a company’s ...

Posted in Employee Benefits and Wellbeing, Employee Recognition, Recognition Platforms

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Random Acts of Kindness: Can Brands Make Customers Feel Good?

Spreading some good vibes When was the last time you witnessed a good deed? Someone holding a door open? Someone in the office receiving a genuine compliment?

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Customer Loyalty

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New Age Wellness Travel: The Adrenaline/Zen Cocktail

From rush to relaxation No-one is invincible and everyone needs a break from time to time. The hectic lifestyles that get us what we want, don’t always give us what we need, but wellness travel can.

Posted in Incentive Travel, Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Consumer Promotions, Travel Promotions, Health and Wellbeing

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It’s Time to Spring Clean your Bad Workplace Habits

Banishing bad habits can lead to a more productive office Do your staff have a tendency to check their work emails out of hours? Eat their lunch at their desks? Work overtime regularly? Then it’s ...

Posted in Positive Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement, Incentive and Recognition

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Are you Taking Your Staff for Granted?

Focusing on top talent can leave other staff members feeling unappreciated Employers can solely focus on top talent - making managers forget about the majority who make up their workforce.

Posted in Workplace Engagement, Incentive and Recognition, Employee Recognition

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What is Personalised Marketing Beacon Technology?

Big opportunities for brands both large and small Did you know that, according to an IAB survey, 66% of marketers said that location-based, personalised advertising was the "most exciting" mobile ...

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Consumer Promotions, Brand Promotions, Consumer Engagement, Promotional Ideas, Promotional Mechanics

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How to Communicate Your Employee Benefits Plan to Your Staff

INFOGRAPHIC: Employee comms that make an impact Developing an employee benefits comms plan is a big part of making sure any benefits programme is a success – whether it's salary sacrifice, employee ...

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