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How To Choose The Right Promotion Mechanic For Your Audience

Which promotion mechanic makes for smiles all round? No matter what new technological invention, or innovation in promotion, the challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace remains. Brands risk devaluing their campaign products by discounting too frequently and with tight margins to meet it just isn’t economical. Choosing the right promotion mechanic is pretty important.

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Audience Segmentation: The What, Why and How

Understanding your audience for better communication and engagement Be honest – how well do you know your target audience, or what effective audience segmentation looks like? Unless you sell a ...

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Customer Loyalty

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How Digital has Transformed Gamification in the Sales Promotion Space

It's time to PLAY the game Engagement. It’s the holy grail that every self-respecting brand seeks. A cereal brand doesn’t just want shoppers to pick its product off the shelf, consume it and not give ...

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Consumer Promotions, Prizes, Brand Promotions, Promotional Ideas, Promotional Mechanics, Digital Marketing

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Cinema Rewards and the Deeper Value of Non-Cash Incentives

is cash always king? There is much discussion to be had about incentives and their impact on behaviour. Whether the aim is to influence purchase decisions, boost performance or encourage higher ...

Posted in Incentive and Recognition, Sales Incentives, Cinema Rewards, Incentive Solutions

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Seven Trends Defining The Millennial Employee Mindset

Millennials are changing the way we think about employees The next cohort of professionals has grown up. The millennial employee generation has matured and taken up its place in the working world. ...

Posted in Employee Benefits and Wellbeing, Employee Retention, Employee Engagement

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Ten Key Innovations in Cinema - and Why They Bring New Possibilities For Brands

Cinema is constantly changing, and that's good news for brands With total UK cinema admissions up 10% year on year, and cinema ad revenues up by 21% in the first half of 2015, compared to the same ...

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Consumer Promotions, Cinema and Film

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Investing in the Future

Giving people the support they need to progress and succeed As if organisations weren’t facing enough challenges, with a new Prime Minister on the cards and Brexit looming on the horizon - they're ...

Posted in Employee Benefits and Wellbeing, Employee Benefits, Employee Retention, Employee Engagement, Salary Sacrifice

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Three Jumbo Travel Promotion Trends That Dominated In 2016

Wow your audience with a travel promotion to remember Big name brands continue to turn to travel as a means to amplify their marketing efforts, an understandable reality given the travel promotion ...

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Consumer Promotions, Travel Promotions, Brand Promotions, Promotional Ideas

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Five Ways to Reward Remote Workers

Making sure everyone feels valued, wherever they work A workforce is made up of tonnes of different types of workers. You have full-time staff, part-time staff, those who work remotely, and plenty of ...

Posted in Meetings and Events, Incentive and Recognition, Employee Recognition

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National Parks Week: The Benefits to Getting Your Employees Outside

Improving employee wellbeing with the great outdoors As much as we love being in the office, the great outdoors and being one with the countryside has plenty of positives too. This month ...

Posted in Employee Benefits and Wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing, Cycle to Work

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Travel Trends for 2017

What brands need to know for successful travel promotions We reveal all as we take a look at the travel trends dominating 2017 and beyond…

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Travel Promotions, Unique Experiences

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The Effect of Physical Location on Customer Retention

How far will people go for loyalty? As technological advances turn us all into customers of the world market, there’s a counter-culture emerging among people craving a return to the personal approach.

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Customer Loyalty, Loyalty Platforms

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Six for 60 Seconds: Segmentation Stats

Infographic: Audience segmentation explained We all know that segmentation is important, but just how much do we really know about it? Today, we’re inviting you to join us for 60 seconds of ...

Posted in Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Brand Promotions, Consumer Engagement, Infographic

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