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How Incentive Travel Can Benefit Your Business

the chance to get away makes for a fantastic employee incentive Having a trip away planned is a great feeling. Getting out of the office, soaking up some culture – and maybe even some sunshine – is always something to look forward to, and a sure-fire way to feel energised and refreshed when you get home. Harnessing that holiday spirit in the workplace can have some fantastic impacts too!

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How Brands Can Overcome Data Privacy Concerns on Social Media

Encourage trust in your brand on social media With 1.65 billion users on Facebook alone (Social Media Today) – that’s over a fifth of the world’s population – it’s no wonder social channels, and ...

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Tech is top of the pops

TECH RULES We’re a nation of tech lovers. So, it’s no surprise to see technology brands dominating the UK’s first Brand Loyalty Index. Yes, they’re big winners, but feeling loyal and behaving loyal ...

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How travel is opening up opportunities for brands to surprise consumers

A trip to the moon? A driverless car guide around Times Square? We're exploring the travel of tomorrow. Tourism has grown from 50 million international travellers in 1950 to well over one billion ...

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Why getting consumers involved in promotions creates impact

It's time to truly empower our audiences. It's no longer about completing tiebreakers or spotting the ball - brands have to become more innovative in how they engage people.

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The UK's first Brand Loyalty Index

Samsung, Apple and Marmite triumph in the brand loyalty index. But who else made the top 50? We’re thrilled to launch the UK’s first Brand Loyalty Index, looking at how loyal people really are ...

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