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Is Philanthropy Still Integral to Corporate Social Responsibility?

When it comes to your corporate social responsibility programme, just how far should charity play a part in your strategy?

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Why Employers Should Incentivise Their CSR Initiatives

 If you want to drive behaviour change and help employees to embrace your CSR policy with open arms, you need to keep it front of mind. A good staff incentives and rewards programme can help you do ...

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Five Ways Cinema can Bring your Brand Promotion to Life

Let your imagination loose on the bright lights of cinema promotions.  We look at five ways your brand can dazzle, to attract and retain customers using latest Mintel Report research.

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How Cinema can Help you Find Hard to Reach Audiences

Learn how marketers can use cinema to take targeting to new levels and get in front of attentive audiences that are otherwise hard to find.   

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Why Cinema is On-trend and Bang on the Marketing Money

If you’ve ever wondered where cinema is headed next, look no further. The question is, where could it take your brand? 

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Why Cinema is Leading the Way in Experiential Marketing

Everybody loves an experience, so make cinema promotions your next go-to marketing activity and become a part of the action.  HERE’S HOW…

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