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Five Clever Ways to use Reward and Benefits to Help Keep Carers Engaged

With an aging population and the National Health Service feeling the strain, the contribution of carers has come in stark focus. With latest figures estimating that there are around 7 million carers in the UK (that’s 1-in-10 people), they’re not only a lifeline for people with long-term health problems or a form of disability, they also contribute a staggering amount to the UK economy - £132bn a year in fact!

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Employee Rewards: Should You Have a Self or Managed Service?

You may have noticed that employee rewards are kind of a big deal to us. Proven to support successful workplace cultures and getting the best out of talented employees, they’re a powerful weapon in ...

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How To Calculate Employee Engagement

Reporting on employee engagement is a task that HR teams are required to perform frequently. But the concept of engagement is closely tied to the more elusive and ambiguous realm of human emotion – ...

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