Five Festival Ideas for Your Employees

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Infographic: Send your team off somewhere special, or plan your own amazing event

Summertime and the rising temperatures means it’s festival season, and you may have noticed that some of your staff are off spending their holiday time queuing for hours to get into Glastonbury.

If your office is full of music-lovers, then it might be a bit quieter than usual – but letting staff swap their formal shoes for wellies at Worthy Farm isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, seeing live music can reduce your levels of stress, according to a study published by the Royal College of Music in London – and with over 400 music festivals happening across the UK every year, there’s plenty for your music-loving workers to sink their teeth into.

Festivals aren’t just exclusive to music either, with plenty of other events taking place over the summer months, from film festivals to comedy festivals – and who can resist a good old beer festival?

So, if you’re wanting to spice up your reward programme with some amazing festival experiences, introduce staff to some new cultures, or find some tips to start your own annual office-fest, then feast your eyes on some of our favourite festivals!


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