How to Deliver a Travel Prize

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by Chris Baldwin on Sep 6, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Sail to success with a first class promotion prize!

It’s becoming more and more important to give your consumers the chance to win money-can’t-buy prizes. As they ditch their love for material goods, and the brands offering them, they shift towards those giving them the opportunity to tick the latest adventure off their bucket list!

Incorporating a travel or experience prize into your promotion will not only drive brand awareness and boost engagement, but will leave the competition eating your dust.

So. You’ve created an out of this world campaign brief, and put your creative wheels in motion coming up with outstanding mechanics. Now it’s time to deliver the prize to the lucky winner!

Organising and delivering the prize is the most complicated stage of running your travel promotion. Here, we take a look at basics.

Receiving a winner

Whether you have one winner or twelve, obtain and confirm their details as soon as the competition closes. It’s vital to contact winners promptly and make sure they abide by any specific terms and conditions.

Receiving a winner takes a lot more work on your end than the consumer’s. Initial contact should be led by you, and pretty swiftly.

Whether they've provided an email address or phone number, try and contact them with an initial congratulations within 24 hours. It’s essential that you run over all the important details of the competition:

  • Explain the prize
  • Reiterate the dates
  • Discuss what costs and activities are covered and included
  • Ask for their home address
  • Provide your contact details
  • Ask if they have any queries

Don’t forget: if the prize includes a plus one, check their details too! Communicating this information as soon as possible will prevent any mishaps later down the line.

If your promotion relies on the winner being available on a specific date, at a specific time, confirming their availability within the first 24 hours is far more effective than leaving it until a week before. In some cases you might have to select a new winner.

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Booking the trip

As soon as it's confirmed that the winner is eligible, able, and keen to enjoy their prize, you should look to make the booking. Booking the travel prize can be very last minute, so you need to ensure you approach it proficiently.

Don’t fall at the last hurdle. Instead, ensure your brand consistently delivers superior customer experience no matter what stresses and last minute blunders occur. Stick to the terms and conditions. Remain diligent. Keep organised. Be patient.

As soon as you’ve made the initial contact and have confirmed that the booking can move forwards, you need to send winners the correct forms to fill out.

This stage of your travel promotion isn’t all that fun, we admit it. And often, brands will overlook the small things to get it done quickly. This is why seeking advice and help from the pros is a great step to take to ensure you deliver a successful campaign.

Look after your winner

Mistakes can happen. But if they do, it is important that you act quickly and effectively to protect the budget, and ensure customer satisfaction. Your consumers are the most important part of your brand, so look after them!

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Keeping an open line of communication with prize winners throughout the process is imperative. A dream departure can quickly turn into a brand disaster if all bases aren't covered. 

Just as communication within your brand is integral, communication with your consumer is even more important. Communicate with the winners from the run up all the way to end of their trip.

Your travel promotion doesn’t end at the departure gates

You're giving consumers the chance to enjoy an experience that will last a lifetime. One that they’ll never forget – for good reasons, we hope! So be a part of it.

Even when they’re safely back on home soil, check in and ensure they enjoyed their experience. Maintaining a good relationship with your audience will increase the number of loyal customers – and they might even promote your brand in front of a valuable audience too!

Think carefully

Of all the risks a travel promotion can provide, this stage is going to be the most difficult to manage. Effective preparation and top-notch organisation will help keep your campaign smooth from start to finish, but don’t underestimate the impact of one small mishap.

For more advice on how to handle customer contact and care, don't hesitate to contact us! You can also learn lots more about running a travel promotion in our free ebook, Brands on Tour - which you can download below.

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