Staff Rewards for the Easter Bank Holiday

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by Iain Thomson on Mar 22, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Take advantage of the Easter Break and reward your staff

A holiday with an odd position in UK culture, in terms of how strictly it’s observed, Easter is generally seen as a time when it’s acceptable to eat an entire bag of Mini Eggs for lunch – and is one of the best opportunities for a four-day weekend in the year’s calendar. 

But while Halloween often inspires spooky office shenanigans of some kind, and Christmas is a guaranteed cause for gifts and time off, Easter isn’t often marked in the workplace – and we think that’s a shame. The chocolatiest of holidays and the longest of long weekends is ripe for celebrating, as well as providing a welcome respite in the long stretch between Christmas cheer and summer fun. Here are our tips on making it that little bit extra special for your team.

Get in the spirit

Easter doesn’t usually feel like a cause for decorating – but in many ways, it’s a holiday that marks spring, and the time when the weather finally starts to to pick up. Colourful flowers and cheerful chicks are something just about everyone can get behind, so make sure your workplace is feeling a little bit brighter and sunnier in the run up to the long weekend.

Themed rewards

Incentives and rewards in the workplace should consider both the big stuff – the end-of-year or end-of-campaign prizes and bonuses, the once-in-a-lifetime trip – as well as the small stuff, and Easter’s the perfect time for the small stuff.

Even though we’re usually one to push the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (and believe us when we say there’s a lot – it’s a big part of reducing stress and illness-related absences…), there’s always a little bit of room for some treats.

Don’t bother with an Easter egg hunt – you’re dealing with grown adults after all. But make the most of the one time of year when it’s OK to be forthcoming with sugary treats. Make your smaller, everyday rewards chocolate-themed, and make sure everyone’s got something sweet to say thank you for their efforts in the first quarter of the year.

Make the long weekend even longer

Time is one of the most valuable assets we have – and one that it’s impossible to get back. This is why earning time off as a reward makes a fantastic incentive, and offering extra days around the Easter break will be an incredibly attractive prospect for many.

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Time away with the family

When it comes to the weekend off, give your staff something to look forward to. How many times does the long weekend get swallowed up by around-the-house chores, lazy days, and rained-off barbecues? You want people coming back feeling refreshed, not in need of another break.

Whether it’s an incentive prize for hitting a target, or a generous gift for the whole team for their hard work in Q1, why not make sure everyone’s got some plans for the Easter break with vouchers for travel and leisure activities? It could be as simple as a meal out, or it could be a busy weekend away – whatever it is, make sure your staff get to spend some time with the people they care about.

Indulge in something special

There’s always a few good Easter sales, so why not fund a shopping spree for your top performers through some retail vouchers? Or something that helps your staff indulge in a hobby. Whatever it is, make sure you’re providing a reward that lets your employees have some great experiences over the break – they’ll remember that time, and the association with the generous employer that helped them out – long after they’ve forgotten the amount of money or what they bought.

Getting active

Easter could be an ideal time to plan some teambuilding. Whether it’s a friendly football match on the Friday afternoon, a go-karting trip on Saturday, or a Sunday BBQ party, the long weekend can be the perfect time to plan a team event – without cutting too far into your employees’ free time. They’ll need to get out the house to work off all those chocolatey treats, after all.

Of course, these activities should never be mandatory – that’s a sure-fire way to ruin anyone’s holiday, so don’t treat anyone unfavourably for not joining in.

Don’t forget – some people may still be working

Not everyone takes time off over Easter – whether that’s because of their job role or industry, for cultural reasons, or because they can’t afford to lose the days. It’s important not to forget these people, to be sensitive to their needs, and to make sure they don’t miss out on all the fun.

If you’ve got people stuck in work over the Easter break, a ready supply of sweet treats, a slightly more relaxed attitude, and an early finish (if you can get away with it) will help make sure that no one’s getting burned out on the long stretch until the Christmas holidays.

Whatever you decide to do over Easter, make sure it’s something memorable – something that reflects your positive, engaging workplace culture that truly cares for its employees. Holidays are a big deal, so treat them with the importance they deserve!

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