Supercharge Your Travel Promotion with Spectacular Sporting Experiences

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by Chris Baldwin on Sep 1, 2016 2:25:00 PM

Bring the wow factor

When it comes to dreaming up a big idea for a travel promotion, it’s all about making the unimaginable, imaginable. Looking beyond the usual destinations — and unearthing those truly unforgettable trips, activities and excursions that really get people talking.

Stamping your mark on the consumer marketing space takes something a little special — and travel experiences, more often than not, can bring about the wow factor that consumers crave.

But how do you make the move from the average to awesome?

Determining what kind of travel promotion would engage an audience is the first and most important step towards delivering a remarkable campaign that hits home with consumers.

Here we explore the key role that sport has to play in travel promotions, how brands continue to utilise it effectively as a prize and the types of exclusive experiences that excite.

Harness the feel good factor

From the Olympics and the Centre Court at Wimbledon, to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia — the buzz that’s generated around iconic sporting occasions brings with it a global platform for brands to kickstart consumer engagement.

Harnessing the feel good factor that comes with these events, presents a genuine opportunity to inspire an audience with entirely unique, money-can’t-buy experiences.

69% of consumers "plan to try something new in 2016" and 1 in 5 want to travel to a new destination – (TripBarometer) / (ABTA)

So promotions that leverage sport to create entirely unique experiences can prove ideal!

From Brazil to Russia with love

The global manner of sport brings with it mass appeal and boundless opportunity to combine genuine consumer passions with fitting adventures that bring them closer to the action.

Make no mistake, there are tons of ways to incorporate sport into your promotion.

Sending winners halfway across the world to experience an event in Rio or Moscow may seem like the obvious route to go down initially. But these types of trips can often rely on big budgets and can quickly turn into a logistical headache for organisers.

Relevant travel promotions can help to put brands in the spotlight. But get creative with the theme and prize, as ticket giveaways to high profile sporting events are extremely common and often only made available to official sponsors.

Originality is a must. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be too quick to dismiss something a little closer to home.

Europe is home to some of the biggest sporting teams, leagues and events in the world. So if you’re running a travel promotion in the UK, you may not have to look as far afield as you first thought.

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Exclusive experiences that excite

Immersive experiences have a greater emotional impact on consumers and create incredible memories. Put a sense of exclusivity into the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a seriously appealing travel prize.

Dreaming up an otherwise unattainable experience will bring greater value than a simple tickets offering. Though this may not seem so easy, the subsequent rewards will be greater.

Seeking advice from travel promotion experts can help to streamline the process, as those in the industry will often have already nurtured and built strong relationships with venues, agents and the sports stars themselves. 

Spectacular ideas

We’ve rustled up a couple of premium ideas to help inspire your campaign:

Meet an Olympian

Depending on the brand and their brief, this could involve a variety of tailored experiences which would not normally be accessible to the average person.

For example, a one-on-one training session, dinner with the athlete for a Q&A session, or more of a team exercise for several winners and their friends, such as 'Learn to row like an Olympian at Dorney Lake'.

Former and current athletes such as Sir Steve Redgrave, Jennifer Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah are national heroes and will attract a lot of attention when involved in a relevant travel promotion.

Football fever

Whether it’s the World Cup, the Euros, the Champions League, the Premier League (the list goes on) our nation is football mad. So why not treat consumers to a trip to Paris to see PSG, or the San Siro in Milan?

Prizes could also involve VIP treatment, with access to an executive box, the chance to meet the players and the winner could even travel with them to a game!

This is your chance to score BIG

Now the ball’s in your court. The popularity of sport — of all kinds — undoubtedly positions it as one of the most desirable experiences imaginable.

But it’s the money-can’t-buy prizes that really set brands apart from the rest of the crowd.

Start by sourcing synergies between your target audience and specific sport. Hone in on the unique, pertinent experiences that are sure to arouse some real interest from consumers. And deliver it in an engaging way to supercharge your travel promotion!

...and if you're after more grreat insights on running a remarkable travel promotion there's no better place than our 'Brands on tour' guide, available by clicking below:

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