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Why You Should Be Supporting Working Parents And How You Can Do It

For employees with children and growing families, do you think they lose focus on their careers once they have a family to care for? It’s a common misconception that most employees are less engaged with their careers after they become parents. Whilst it’s a widely held view in today’s workplace, there’s one major factor which everyone should wise up to: It’s simply not true!

Posted in Employee Engagement, Behaviour change, Positive Workplace Culture, Employee Health and Wellbeing Programmes, Health and Wellbeing at Work, transforming behaviour, Retain Talent, Change behaviour, Retaining Employees, Improving quality of life, Employee Health and Wellbeing, company culture

by Iain Thomson on Oct 30, 2018 11:26:11 AM
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7 Reasons Why You Need Spree In Your Life

If you love earning cashback on your day-to-day shopping, then you really need spree in your life! When payday rolls around, do you get the urge to head out to your favourite high-street store and ...

Posted in Incentive and Recognition, Channel Incentives, Sales Incentives, Employee Recognition, Recognising Success, Incentivising Performance, company culture, Attract Talent, Change behaviour, Staff Performance Incentives, Positive Workplace Culture

by Iain Thomson on Oct 18, 2018 2:01:07 PM
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When It Comes to Workplace Engagement, Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

The everyday things that make an organisation great We take workplace culture seriously. That’s not to say we favour a serious workplace culture, of course – there really is no harm in a little bit ...

Posted in Incentive and Recognition, Positive Workplace Culture, Workplace Engagement, company culture

by Iain Thomson on Aug 2, 2017 3:01:00 PM
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