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Cutting Down the Rising Cost of Christmas: How Employers Can Help

Dread it. Run from it. Brexit is coming. Yup, we hate to bang on about it, but the saga of Brexit – as you’re probably well-aware - will be reaching its nail-biting crescendo on October 31st 2019.

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Do Staff Discount Schemes Work?

Everyone loves a discount! Don't they? Staff discounts are one of the most popular employee benefits out there, and the impacts are obvious. People save money – and everyone loves saving money! 

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Employee Benefits in the Public Sector

four ways to support public sector staff The economic uncertainty following Britain’s decision to leave the EU and the value of the pound still fluctuating day by day has everyone cautiously watching ...

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What Are Ultra-Low Emission Cars?

Saving the environment while saving money? it can be done! Ultra-low emission cars can help the environment – and they can help you save. Under new rules coming into effect in 2017, a large number of ...

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Brexit, Four Months On: How Will It Affect Employees?

How will the EU Referendum affect employees?  The vote to leave the European Union has set off momentous changes for the UK’s economy, but the full reality of what’s going to happen will still take a ...

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