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Are Your Stereotyping Your Employees?

When it comes to judgement calls in the workplace, stereotyping your employees could seriously undermine your business’s productivity levels.  But it happens more often than you'd think...

Posted in Employee Benefits, Positive Workplace Culture, Workplace Engagement, Employee Engagement, Talent Retention, Economic Wellbeing, People Engagement, transforming behaviour, Incentives and Rewards, Change behaviour

by Iain Thomson on Jul 19, 2018 2:27:21 PM
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Why listening is key to employee engagement

If you’re not listening to staff, you’re not winning.  We explore how you can learn to become a better listener to create valuable employee engagement. 

Posted in Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Talent Retention, Health and Wellbeing at Work, Benefits of Employee Engagement, Engage People, transforming behaviour, Work Engagement, Motivational Success Stories, Engagement at Work, Engagement Solutions, Behaviour change, Health and Wellbing Programmes

by Iain Thomson on May 31, 2018 6:18:21 PM
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Flexible Working: A Business Necessity or a Benefit?

Do you view flexible working as an employee benefit or a right that everyone should have access to? We look at why employers need to address flexible working now.

Posted in Employee Benefits, Recognising Success, Employee Engagement, Talent Retention, Business Success Stories, Health and Wellbeing at Work, People Engagement, transforming behaviour, Improving quality of life, Motivational Success Stories, Employee Recognition Platforms, Engagement at Work

by Iain Thomson on May 8, 2018 5:00:00 PM
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How Well Do Your Really Know Your Employees?

What are your staff really into? We look at how data segmentation can really make a difference to employee engagement.

Posted in Employee Benefits, Sales Incentives, transforming behaviour, Improving Performance, Performance Incentives, Work Engagement, Motivational Success Stories, Long Service Awards, Incentives and Rewards, Engagement Solutions, Behaviour change, cinema vouchers, staff recognition programme, Corporate gift vouchers, Pre-paid credit cards

by Iain Thomson on May 8, 2018 11:23:14 AM
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Is discretionary effort the same as employee engagement?

We all want  our staff to go the extra mile, but what does that actually mean?  We look at the ins and outs of discretionary behaviour.

Posted in Workplace Engagement, Health and Safety Programmes, Behavioural Change, Employee Engagement, Incentive and Recognition, Business Success Stories, People Engagement, transforming behaviour, Staff Recognition Schemes, Improving Performance

by Iain Thomson on Jan 18, 2018 4:30:43 PM
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