Three Jumbo Travel Promotion Trends That Dominated In 2016

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by Chris Baldwin on Jul 20, 2017 12:03:00 PM

Wow your audience with a travel promotion to remember

Big name brands continue to turn to travel as a means to amplify their marketing efforts, an understandable reality given the travel promotion trends which are dominating the landscape.

Consumers from all walks of life are drawn to experiential rewards and this represents a massive opportunity for business of all shapes and sizes looking to grow their audience.

Our case study, How SCI-MX bossed their fitness campaign and bulked up brand awareness, looks at just one example of how not only travel promotion trends, but travel in its wider sense, can be used to influence consumer behaviour.

Supercharging their promotional marketing campaign with a prize trip to the ever-popular Ibiza, the brand (with Sodexo's help) generated a buzz across social media and grew brand awareness and loyalty as a result.

So we thought we’d take a look at the jumbo travel promotion trends that have not only dominated 2016, but are already shaping 2017…

Sport has serious endurance

Not so long ago, we looked at why football continues to put travel promotions at the heart of its travel promotions. And with the UEFA European Championships, the Champions League and innumerable other events filling up the calendar in 2016 – we’ve seen brands, utilising travel to appeal to a broad audience of millions of sport fans time and again.

While one brand offered up tickets to the Championships League final in Milan (plus the chance to play on the San Siro pitch) – another tapped into the footballing action by giving consumers the opportunity to win a trip to an England group game at Euro 2016.

Football is a global sport and, thus, its followers relish the chance to visit new cities, tour new stadia and immerse themselves in the culture of it all.

But it doesn’t stop with 'The Beautiful Game'. The Rio Olympics saw brands, both official sponsors and those simply looking to hijack the buzz, pull out all the stops to engage their audiences on a mass scale.

In fact, from tennis to athletics, travel and experiential promotions are a popular means of marketing for brands associated with all manner of sports.

Creativity and customisation

It’s all well and good putting an experiential spin on your next campaign, but the principle remains the same as it does with any other prize. If the prize doesn’t deliver something that’s not already easily attainable, consumers will turn the other cheek.

Bonnie Boisner, President of Event Management at incentive and loyalty marketing company, Aimia, sums it up pretty perfectly:

Overwhelmingly, creating an unforgettable experience continues to be everything. Participants are looking for incentive travel that cannot be replicated on their own. It is our job to continue to find new and creative ways to add value and wow them at every touch point. The future will continue to demand a higher degree of customisation and heightened experiences.

And that’s just it!

Promotional marketers need to wow their audience, or just not bother in the first place. Bespoke, creative experiences that are personalised for the audience they’re aimed at can have a monumental impact on the way consumers perceive, and interact with, a promotion.

Wellness travel is booming

Health is prominent in today’s main travel promotion trends. In fact, it’s at an all time high. Consumers are increasingly drawn to wellness experiences as they bid to find an escape from the stresses, strains and downright hassles of modern day life.

From the ever-popular meditation, to yoga, tree-top resorts and indigenous Mexican rituals, there is an abundance of rich choice out there – and for those brands keen to channel the popularity of wellness tourism, there’s every chance to find an experience with synergy.

Start your year with a bang

2016 has seen myriad remarkable experiential promotional prizes that have helped to enhance campaign results and benefit each individual brand in the long term.

As always, we expect to see new and unexpected trends over the coming year. The opportunity is there to create special experiences for your consumers that will influence them on the path to purchase and motivate them to stick with you!



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